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Jan 30-Feb 1, 2024 - The Letter Pp & Counting to 100

Pre-K Newsletter

Hello pre-k families! We are working on letter Pp and counting to 100. Please remember to keep practicing letters, sounds of letters, and numbers.

Tuesday we will:
 -handprint pineapple
 -find all the Pp’s on the penguin
 -P maze
 -Match the right color picture with the right 
 -what stamp did P buy?
 -we will read “The Pout Pout Fish”

Thursday we will:
 -make the letter P book
 -right name online paper
 -lifecycle of a penguin
 -Mrs. P sentences
 -rhyming puzzle game
 -ABC maze
 -slap the hearts on the wall
 -we will read “Pig”

Science experiment is pencil in a water bag. For Art we will be making a puppy dog heart.

This week is Catholic School’s week. 

On Monday wear green and we will be playing games with the kindergartners.

On Wednesday at drop off, stay to have a doughnut breakfast with your child from 8-8:30.

We just wanted to tell everyone that on February 18th there will be family Stations of the Cross during CCD time (9:30-10:45) All are welcome! 

Thanks and God bless you all,
Mrs. Cindy Moore

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