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Jan 29 - Feb 2, 2024 - The Letter Pp

4 Year Olds Newsletter

This week is Catholic Schools Week so we’re going to be doing some special things. 

Monday will be Spirit Day. Please wear green or your St. Patrick’s School gear and we will be playing a game with the Kindergarten classes. 
Wednesday is Family Day. From 8am-8:30am (for AM class) and 12pm-12:30pm(for PM class) stay and have a snack with your child before we start our day! 
 Friday is Fun Day. Each child in the class can bring Show-n-Tell. Please only one item and it must fit inside your child’s backpack. 

This week is our letter Pp. We will have look and find for numbers, write in our journal and decorate a school for our open house. 

We will be finding Pps in stars and doing a maze to find the Ps, playing a matching abc game, cutting/pasting the letter P with the pictures and writing Ps, doing P is for pig art, writing 8 P words and doing a pattern game.
This week our religion will be a prayer book. The children will learn a new prayer and get to bring it home. 

Please when you are addressing your child’s Valentine’s Day cards, only write your child’s name on the card or gift. EXAMPLE: To:(leave blank) 
                      From: Whitney 

We  wanted to invite everyone on February 18th to family Stations of the Cross during CCD time(9:45am-10:45am).

January 29-February 2 is Catholic School Week 
February 4- Open House 12pm-2pm
February 14- Valentine’s Day Party 10:30-11:30am(for AM class) and 2pm-3pm(for PM class). Parents and siblings are welcome! 
February 19- No School (President’s Day)
February 21st- Library Day

Please bring a full water bottle every day, only with water please.


We cannot wait to see you all this week! 

Thanks & God Bless,
Mrs.Whitney, Mrs.Cindy & Ms. Nicole

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