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Pamela Nunnelley
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Jan 15-19, 2024 - 3 Year Olds Newsletter

3 Year Olds Newsletter

Dear Parent,

This week we are exploring Gingerbread Man stories. On Tuesday we watched the original Gingerbread Man story on YouTube. We graphed together with blocks the rolls of a die, practiced counting using tongs by playing "Feed the Gingerbread Man," sorted gingerbread men by size, and made playdoh expressions for various feelings the Gingerbread Man had. We also used our eyes to find gingerbread men that had characteristics described by the teacher. Since it was too cold to go outside, we followed the directions of a song using our beanbags. Tomorrow we will be reading Gingerbread Friends. We will make a paper gingerbread boy or girl, sort shapes by looking at whether they have curved sides/straight sides/both, and play a gingerbread shape game. We will also eat Gingerbread men and milk for snack. Miss Lise from the Kenton County Library will be coming to read and sing with us. We are also learning the "Lord's Prayer" with motions. I am attaching the prayer and motions so you can use them at home.

Tips for Parents From Preschool Teachers

16. Let your child work out minor squabbles. Instead of swooping in to settle disputes, stand back and let them work it out (unless they're hitting each other). You won't always be there to rescue your child.

 I will be sending home the mid-year assessments on Tuesday.


February 4- Open House from 12:00-2:00.

February 16- St. Patrick Lenten Fish Fry #1 4:30-7:30 PM Dine In and Drive Thru. Please consider helping, donating desserts or participating. Contact Mrs. Nunnelley if interested.

February 18- Family Stations of the Cross from 9:45-10:45 in the church. All are invited.

*** Please remember we follow Kenton County Schools in the case of snow delays or closings. The only exception is if Kenton County is on a two hour delay. In that case, there will be no AM Preschool but PM preschool will meet at regular time. *****

Stay warm and have a blessed week!


Pamela Nunnelley





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